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Neoserra is a Web-based client activity tracking system. Its sophisticated CRM database allows your organization to track not only business outreach efforts, but also the success of those efforts. Serving all types of outreach organizations, Neoserra understands the need to be able to intelligently summarize your organization's impact on the community

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eCenter Direct

Make the most of your program's Web site with eCenter Direct, a Neoserra add-on component that allows you to harness the convenience of the Internet when interacting with clients. Clients (and prospective clients) can use this Web portal to request counseling services, register for training events, complete satisfaction surveys, and submit milestones.

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Bid Match

For Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, the Bid Match Program is a Neoserra add-on component that gives you all the tools you need to provide your clients with relevant bid opportunities.

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