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Neossera CRM



Neoserra is the latest customer relationship management (CRM) system offered by OutreachSystems and designed specifically for non-profit economic development programs. Neoserra tracks detailed demographic and economic information about your clients, as well as the assistance you provide to these clients. Once the data is entered in the database, Neoserra offers a robust reporting module. For example, you can easily generate a report to show export-related sales by county; or a report to show all capital infusion received by clients with five or more employees. Neoserra offers both built-in reports as well as the ability to generate your own custom report.



Data Access

There's no way to get good data out of a database unless you have a good way to get it in. Neoserra comes standard with a number of comprehensive data entry modules, each tailored to a specific aspect of your program's activities, such as training events, counseling sessions, capital infusion, etc. Perhaps the single most important tool Neoserra has to offer is its search feature. You can search the data to organize a group of records based on common criteria. The more criteria you string together, the more specific and narrow the results of your search will be.

For example, a search can be as simple as finding all counseling sessions related to business planning, or as sophisticated as finding all woman-owned manufacturers that have recently won a government contract and created two or more jobs in your region. Once you have just the right grouping of records isolated, you can run a built-in or custom report against the results. Neoserra is also tightly integrated with eCenter Direct, an optional module your clients can use to sign up for your training events or where they can update their own information. Additionally, Neoserra can be enhanced with the Bid Match module to help your clients locate government contract opportunities or with the Custom Forms module that lets you build your own custom interfaces to track any type of specialized assistance your program provides to your clients. Neoserra is fully compliant with the DLA 1806 and 1806-T requirements and the SBA EDMIS requirements.



Easy to Use Interface

All it takes is a user name and password to access the Neoserra database. Once logged in, you'll find all of your organization's data neatly organized according to record type.

For example, a quick click into client data will show you a listing of all clients serviced by your program. Another click and you're inside one of the listed client records, where a multitude of business data is stored. Yet another click and you're looking at the details of a recent counseling session your program had with the client, or the details of an important milestone the client achieved.

In this way, moving from one relevant record to the next, you'll find yourself easily navigating the Neoserra interface.



Scorecards are used to monitor organizational performance against strategic goals. Neoserra has a built-in scorecard module that allows you to see a balanced view of your organizational performance. Scorecards display as bar charts, with each bar representing the total percentage of the goal achieved.

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